Like a child learning to ride a bike…….

The bike of my youth...
The bike of my youth…

I am like a young child getting up on a bike for the first time, without the stabilisers! I keep wobbling, I keep falling, it’s all a bit deja vu, and a little bit Groundhog day, but I’ll get there in the end.
The problem with me, my big failing, is that I don’t DO instructions very well. I tend to get bored by number 2……….hence, it all becomes a bit try this/try that, hit or miss. I will get there in the end, like the kid on the “Eska”! Remember them? There’s now a facebook page devoted to vintage Eska bikes, making me feel very Vintage indeed. When I was a tween/early teen, these were the cat’s whiskers in bikes (outside of choppers, which were predominantly for boys).
Mine was Royal Blue……..same as my school uniform…..which is funnily enough, still one of my fav colours (antithesis to the norm – don’t most people have an aversion to the colour of their school uniform, is that because most uniforms back in the day were bottle green or dark wine!).
So now I need to plonk around with this for a while……….I need to get to grips with the tools and settings. I then need to write a polite email to Mr. WordPress telling him to ditch the cringey jazz music back-grounding his dashboard how to video (ugh).
Edit mode here I come…….Til the next time.

Getting started………..keeping a promise

I promised that I would do this in April…………I didn’t.  But hey, it’s only 7th May.  So, I’m 7 days late.  Kept the bones of the promise, that I would create a blog.  Now, I just have to think of stuff to write!  All of a sudden, mind gone blank!! X