Concrete Jungle

“Concrete Repeater”, Evelyn J. Steward.

Straight lines, rising perpendicular,
Solid blocks, often quite regular.
Reaching skywards, some are irregular.
Jutting spires, bell tower pendular.

Concrete corners go for the jugular.
Impressve heights. Always popular.
Streaming glass, shining, secular,
Worldly, motionless, totally macular.

Trotting out the same old formula,
City after city, just like a register,
Often quite dense, like canyon peculiar,
Darkening streets, simple and similar.

People, like drones, scurrying vehicular,
Alone, sometimes lonely, seen lenticular.
Often like rats, maze-bound. Particular
Labyrithine, vision binocular.

Scurrying forth, to extracurricular
Pasttimes, pleasures, joyous reticular.
Joining with others for senses auricular,
As evening sets the skies going paler.

Hurrying home to friends familiar,
Talking at once, of all things linear.
New office building, like something avuncular,
Noisily humming, like a Babel tower.

Copyright Evelyn J. Steward. March, 2015


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