Renee Salamanca

Track 3, on the 1984 Talk Talk album, “It’s my life”, is the soulful “Renee”.

It was never released as a single, but was included in the EMI 1990 reissue of the album’s title track, “It’s my Life”, when the two songs compiled a 7″ single.  The version of “Renee” that appeared on this reissue was live (7:28m), recorded during Talk Talk’s concert in Hammersmith, London on 8th May, 1986.

Hollis’ plaintive voice lends itself to the emotional depth of the song, however, one interviewer back in 1984, begged to differ.  Accusing Hollis of being so withdrawn that none of “the man” came through in either music or performance, and, that maybe he would be best categorised as a “singer-songwriter”, he replied:-

“You may be right. Emotive singers like Van and Otis Redding make very open sounding music. What we do is more closed, textural. Honestly, I often arrange the songs with people like Debussy in mind…

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