We ended Episode 1 of Dooby in Dubai with me taking to the bed after an inglorious beginning to my “HOL-EE-DAZE”

Jumeirah by Day

So to reflect – I’d flown from Dublin to Dubai via London with my legs crossed for over 4 hours; had gone through a gender transformation; had discovered a previously undetected disease of unknown origin; and had developed a bad case of St Vitus Dance across the Jumeirah sands.

Right then….so it was all upwards from there then.  Weeeell.

………..Anyway, when I awoke from my exhausted slumber, the word according to God had arrived ie Marco Polo had landed.  To be fair, the rest of the first day/night was pretty uneventful, we had dinner and with both of us being still pretty whackaroonied, decided to hit the hay. ZZZZZZZZZ

Day 2 in the Jumeirah Jungle saw us hit the Wild Wadi Park.  Wadi by name, wadi by nature!


The Wild Wadi…

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