1982 Zig Zag

Retrospectively speaking …

If often amazes me when I read reviews of bands/artists/musicians from back in the day.  I read the content and wonder if the review has been mistitled?  Am I actually reading about this and that band/singer??  Well, yes.  More often than not, the title is correct, and the anti-sentiments ARE indeed directed at the artist(s) in question.  I use the term “anti-sentiment” predominantly because I feel that a lot of these subjective commentaries are made as a result of some gagging, heaving reflex that some journalists have when a new talent comes on the scene, especially those who appear to be the apple of the record labels eye – something which befell Talk Talk after they signed to EMI and were heavily promoted as being the next big thing.

It was unfortunate for the group that they were stable mates of New Romantic royalty Duran Duran; it was even more regrettable that lead…

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