“Maybe when the heat’s away you’re fine
To put another drink away is out of line, out of line”

When Talk Talk went into studio to record their second album, they did so in the knowledge that they would inevitably garner the same damning feedback which they so stoically received for their first affair, “The Party’s Over”. 

“On pain of being a member of Talk Talk!  The starched shirts, the meaningful expressions, the dry ice, the anguish, the adenoids, not to mention the snide reviews!” [Smash Hits, 17th March, 1983]

Originally given the title “The Chameleon Hour”, “It’s my Life”, recorded over the course of 1983, and, released by EMI in 1984, benefitted from several changes:- in personnel, instrumentation and musical direction.  Keyboard player Simon Brenner was despatched, duties being transferred to the now legendary Phil Ramacon (songwriter//producer); guitars & acoustic piano were in, and so was funk ‘n jazz.

“We’re introducing a lot of different things ……

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