Cope DiscJohn Cope
This time, we are doing a blog with a twist.  Instead of a straight review, discussion of the facts, we are delighted to welcome long-time Talk Talk fan, Thomas Lohuis, who has very kindly agreed to give us his perspective on this firm fan favourite.  We’ll be handing over the reins to Thom shortly, but first, some facts.
“Beggar sits to plead
Some kind of giving”
‘John Cope’ was originally released on the Parlophone label, in September 1988, as the B-side to ‘I Believe in You’ from the album “Spirit of Eden”.  It was subsequently included on the 1998 compilation album, “Asides Besides”.
Demoed in 1985, (seemingly a home recording made by Hollis exists somewhere in the multiverse) it was destined for the “Colour of Spring” portfolio, but didn’t make the final cut.  It was held over for inclusion on the next album, “Spirit of Eden” but yet again, failed…

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