Best Boy Grip

“They’re going to love you last of all”…

Best Boy Grip is a four-piece from Derry currently running a very successful Pledge Music campaign to fund their as yet untitled debut album. If streamed tracks like “Sharks” and this divine piece of musical gorgeousness “Can’t Buy Love, Son”, are anything to go by, it is destined for both commercial and critical success.

Whilst Eoin O’Callaghan’s vocal is truthful to the lyric, the technical talents of Liam Craig on piano, Jay Dickson on bass and Shane Mc Caul on drums, are allowed run riot in this opus of tidal forces.

The hypnotic, looping piano chords are like musical waves rolling over the soul, building up to & melding with a booming synth crescendo, crashing off aural rocks. This song, like a sonic tide, flows and swirls, reaching a high at which point the rhythm section fully kicks in. Then, at once, it softens, recedes and ebbs away, until it closes with a fading lone vocal. #meltingheart.

Expect to hear a lot more from and about these guys come album launch on 7th September.

You can listen to “Can’t Buy Love, Son” here via SoundCloud or watch the video via YouTube


Find out more about Best Boy Grip on their official website –


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