Bo Walton

“Love is cruel, you’ve been hurt,

Had your heart kicked around, and trampled in the dirt”

Bo Walton was born in Marden, Herts, but sounds as if he came in on the last flight from Tennessee. He is one of a new coterie of rockabilly, cum country and western (21st c style) singers that include the likes of Imelda May and Nathan Carter, who have reignited “yeehaw” fever in both the UK&I.

Part Elvis, part Garth Brooks, this man has put the tap back in toe and the stomp back into foot.

“Dream Again” is a masterclass in how to DO rockabilly. The sweetest country guitar twangs and slides over wonderfully understated accordion playing, all glued together by rock steady up tempo swing drumming. Musically alone this song would fill a dance floor in a heartbeat, but when you add in what is one of the best goddamn vocals I’ve heard this side of the Atlantic, you know you’re gonna have one serious Gene Vincent-like Blue Jean bop experience. Definitely one for the jive bunnies….in fact, for anyone with a pulse!

You can listen to Bo Walton’s “Dream Again” here on SoundCloud

“Dream Again” is available to download via Amazon and iTunes


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