DUTCH CRIMINAL RECORD – “Socks and Sandals”

Don’t you just love this cheeky little excerpt lifted from the DCR website “About” page.

“How to describe Dutch Criminal Record?

Well…in effect we consist of one mad drummer who’s beats are funkier than James Brown, and are so syncopated they end up on the beat again. This man is simply know as Wibs (The Great?).  Then there’s the tall dark and annoyingly handsome Rio, who’s bass is almost as powerful as his pull on every girls heart… ever.  Then there’s the band pet, our chief weirdo Sam (or Shmee), whose guitar produces sparkling sweet lead tones, and gravely hair raising vocals.  And then, we have Joe, the all round legend and musical genius.”

Dutch Crims

“Indie Surf 4 piece band from the South of England, all demos recorded in home studio le Boudoir”.

These gems, together with the song title “Socks & Sandals” (which to me denotes men-beach-white legs-socks-jesus sandals) say it all – sense of humour, fun and more than anything else, Summer.

Yes indeed, the Dutch Crims (think indie Fun Lovin’) have produced a bona fide nightclub dancefloor filler and surefire happiness inducing Summer Anthem.

Zip zippy guitars jig jag across razor sharp, bullet fast drumming, subtly underpinned by cool-dude basslines, all of which are topped off by light hearted but tight vocals.

This song is pure sonic sherbet and oh boy, can you feel the fizz tickle.

DCR remind me a bit of the Housemartins – everyone’s go-to feel good, slightly cookie, off centre “jangle-pop” band of the mid-80s. Hopefully, they’ll be as successful.

Socks and Sandals is available now via iTunes & the Dutch Criminal Record EP is free to stream on Spotify.

Further information about the band can be found via their official website –

Sox I Tunes


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