False Advertising

“You’re joke’s on me,

My eye’s on you,

I’ll have to sink down to your

level” …

Now for some Mancunian musical mayhem, or in the words of Manchester band False Advertising “Double-sided noise-pop” Well I never!

False Advertising are a bit like a ‘Hole + Suede-on-speed’ cocktail muddled with The Pixies, and, “I Don’t Know” is a canny mix of the lot. There’s just the right amount of the prerequisite “noise” for the grunge camp, but it’s blended with suitable quantities of user-friendly melody, controlled vocals, well synced harmonies, and pretty spot on guitar playing and drumming, (the staccato beat of which I particularly like), for them to appeal to a broader audience!

What’s really interesting about this trio, is that they switch lead vocal duties, which given that they are girl/boy should make for some really cool contrasts track-wise on their forthcoming debut album due out 4th September, which astonishingly not only have they self-recorded, they have also self-produced.

Now if that isn’t the confidence of youth……

You can find out more information about False Advertising and their music at their website – http://www.falseadvertising.co/

Follow them on Facebook & Twitter here




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