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Oh man, why did I never learn Latin Dance? There’s a Rumba screaming to get out every time I play the Spanish sizzler, “Summer Rain” by the hugely talented Gizmo Varillas (No! He is not a gremlin). The song oozes Latino sex appeal – his voice alone is swoon inducing – along with some technically brilliant Flamenco style guitar playing.

Gizmo duets with fellow Spaniard, Le Parody, who is the perfect vocal counterpoint. They actually co-wrote this soundtrack of “dreamy dark tropical vibes.” Mmm … musical Malibu cocktail.

“Summer Rain” has an hypnotic beat and grrrreat rhythm, which will definitely get you sashaying around the house. It’s distinct magnetic melody, layered over a gorgeous mille feuille of harmonies, draws you in, whilst the succulent Spanish guitar, lures you away to foreign climes: to long nights of gentle warm breezes, the sound of laughter and the tide slowly coming in…..Now where did I put that bottle of Malibu?

“Summer Rain” is available now via Bandcamp (where the groovy cover artwork by Murnau Den Linden can also be purchased –

You can find out more about both Le Parody and Gizmo via their Facebook pages….


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