If young Welsh/Bajan singer-songwriter Kizzy Crawford can pen a track like “Pili Pala” at 18, then her future is very bright indeed.   She says of her creations … “My songs reflect me” … and “my many states of mind”. Kizzy was obviously in a pretty blissful SOM when she penned this piece of musical angel delight. “Pili Pala” is like being transported aloft on the highest cloud, dancing through a gloriously colourful flower filled meadow, and then being showered in sparkles.

Kizzy’s voice is soft but clear with a quirkiness that lends itself well to the poppy bohemianism of “Pili Pala”. #VocalElation.

This song has every beat, intonation and musical sequence known to happiness. It is a beautiful blend of acoustic guitar, sparkling synths and lush harmonies, zanily choreographed, wonderfully produced, and topped off with a light sprinkling of fairy dust.

“Pili Pala” will be released as a single on August 3rd.

Find out more about Kizzy and her music on her website –

You can follow her on Facebook or Twitter here


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