Owen Duff

OWEN DUFF – Nobody Loves A Tortured Soul

It took a few reps of the intro for my brain to go #bing.  One of the things it reminded me of was a tune from an old musical jewellery box, with it’s vintage, almost “scratchy needle on vinyl” quality.

“and I bought me a round in the Crown and Bells

Held court like a king, was dethroned and thrown out and threw up there”

 … and that my friends, sums up a leaving do, birthday bash, general Saturday night out on the tiles, that we’ve all experienced at least once.   The sentiment of this laid back track by Londoner Owen Duff is totally on the mark, the music, pure fantasia shakes hands with a brass section. This is the stuff musical dreams are made of.

The track incorporates so much, but is so tightly produced, that you never feel aurally crowded. It is perfectly balanced symphonic electronica, alongside some superb trumpet playing. And there’s even a key change, woo!

“Nobody Loves A Tortured Soul” is musically first class, with perfectly sung, well penned lyrics.

Owen Duff – job well done.  Very well done indeed.

Just one thing.  Why do I keep thinking of “Sesame Street”? #SunnyDay

You can find out more about Owen Duff and his music via his website http://www.owenduff.co.uk/

Hook up with him on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/owen.duff

and Twitter – https://twitter.com/owenduffmusic


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