Shrinking Minds


‘Shrinking Minds’ they may be, but these three Liver-Lads certainly ain’t shrinking violets.

Energetic, frenetic and full of enthusiasm, these boys are about to hit the road, and methinks those gigs are gonna be some “craic” (see FB for details). In the words of the Kaiser Chiefs – “I predict a riot”.

“Fun” does what it says on the tin. The lads say that they had a lot of fun making this track and boy does it come through. One minute it’s cocky, the next it’s emitting ennui, but mainly it’s a lot in-yer-face. “Fun” is quite deceptively constructed, starting with some low volume scratchy guitar; then 12 seconds in…boom…guitar and drum fuelled rocket launcher.

As the noise-fest recedes, we are lulled into the false security of a very mellow verse – cue bored voice – then wham, the shouty punkesque chorus kicks us up the ass. The harsher vocal is very Johnny Rotten, but not as screamy and, more in tune. There is just the right mix of sound in here to make this a little bit more than just another #garage song.

Some might say it’s a lot of #Clangour but, I think it’s a very deliberate experimentation with sound, performed by dynamic young bucks, having fun finding their place in the musical universe.

Something tells me there’s a lot more #FUN to come!

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