“If you decide, don’t even hesitate, leave and I will follow”

Runabay are a sextet from Northern Ireland & England made up of members: John McManus – Vocals/Guitar, Gary Graham – Guitar/Vocals,  Gerard McHugh – Vocals/Percussion, Declan McCartan – Cello/Vocals,  George Sloan – Drums/Vocals, and, Dean Walker – Bass/Vocals.

Their style is indie flirting with folk, their sound pretty reminiscent of the Waterboys.  They cite their influences as coming from an eclectic range of genres, from contemporary pop through to classical, and this diversity is reflected in the spectrum of sound they have produced across the five tracks on their new EP entitled “June”.

The guys describe their music as being “catchy, uplifting and joyous”, to which I’d like to add; dreamlike, soothing, harmonious and mellifluous.  Their instrument playing is highly accomplished – there are some seriously wonderful string sequences in the eponymous song, and, the vocals are not only confident, they are also extremely pleasing on the ear.

Runabay have already released two singles “Sequences” and “Moon Turns Blue”, both of which have been very well received, critically and publically, both in the UK and Ireland. In fact, they have been nominated for Irish Single of the Year by Pure Magazine for their song “Moon Turns Blue”, and, whilst they face stiff competition from the likes of Jape (Richie Egan), Best Boy Grip, Soak and Duke Special, they nonetheless find themselves in very good company.

These guys only got together as a group in 2014, but have already made quite an impact with several radio & television appearances, including BBC N.Ireland, notched up on their musical belts.  Their new EP is guaranteed to bring them even further success and we wish them all the best with this and their Pure Mag nomination.

We bid you adieu with two samples of their sonic delights: the title track from their new EP, “June”, and the Single of the Year nominee, “Moon Turns Blue”.

You can find out more about Runabay via their official site –

Hook up with them on Facebook –

& Twitter –


One thought on ““The Roses flower in June” & this new EP from Runabay is certainly a beautiful bouquet

  1. Enjoyed both tracks a lot. First track reminded me of Crosby, Stills, and Nash in places, vocal and harmonies. There are traces of Justin Hayward in the lead vocals at times. The cello is excellent and the vocal recording too – nice clear up close and intimate mic, not too much reverb or FX. The song writing is excellent. Only very small criticism I have is (putting my old producer/management hat on), that the song needs to be shorter, and the second bridge, around 4 mins to me was way too long getting to it, and before then (3.30) is where I’d have cut it. The key change and vocals should have come back in way before then, but that is me thinking radio for the USA market. But it is an opinion only….excellent otherwise. Enjoyed the second track as well. Like story telling in songs. Thanks for sharing.


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