Line Kasa

Today was just another day in the life, when a propos of nothing, and, completely unexpectedly, a young Norwegian musician sent me a FB friend request .  So far, so run of the mill says you.  Well yeah, except it’s not every day someone living in Dublin receives a friend request from someone in Oslo, who, they neither know nor have met!  To explain would be to digress, that’ll do another day.

Having accepted the request, a list of people FB thought would interest me, dropped down to eye level.  The name Line Kasa came into view.  Curiosity being my middle name, I felt compelled to have a ferret and what I uncovered blew my mind.

Line Kasa is a young Norwegian singer/musician in the vein of Susanne Sundfor, and like her crystal voiced compatriot, she has been blessed with an angelic vocal of a quality both pure and strong. Her genre is alternative-electronic-pop again similar to Sundfor and a line in music at which the Norwegians seem to excel.

Per the iTunes blurb, Kasa released her debut album , “Patterns”, in November 2013, from which four singles were released (I suspect the singles/album were released in 2012 in Norway, but my Norwegian isn’t what it used to be!).

Of the four singles tracks, it’s the song “Patience” that set my pulse racing and my soul soaring, and when you listen to it, you will understand why.  This hushed, dark lullaby floats languidly along, until the reverie is fleetingly slashed by a harsh knife-rip of electronica, after which it is lulled back into it’s sleep-walking state. This quietude is then spliced by a climactic frenzy of noise, before the song mellows out, slowly, serenely, into soundlessness. It is like a musical short story – the lead in, the hook, the climax, the ending – short, sharp, shock.  Vocal perfection, hauntingly beautiful music.

The accompanying stark, and very well conceived video, directed by Jonas Grimeland, was recently picked up by the Atlanta Film Festival and Palm Beach Festival – congratulations!

Line Kasa has a voice I could listen to for hours, and, a sonic style that I find as intriguing as it is satisfying.  She is now on my radar.  I am hungry for more.

You can listen to more of Line Kasa’s music via Soundcloud –

The Album “Patterns” along with singles and top songs are available to buy via iTunes –


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