THE HEART STRINGS – “Beautiful Abyss”

The Heart Strings

 Ooh…Prepare to be thrown into the “Beautiful Abyss” rather than just listening to it. This is 2.5 minutes of the most wondrous musical dream sequences lifted straight out of the 60s, re-energised, and given an uber modern spin.

The sound vibes The Kinks – “Tired of Waiting”, with a dash of Beck, whilst the lead singer’s voice is redolent of Ray Davies.

His super smooth vocal, reverbed and harmonised to within an inch of its life, flows seamlessly over the intermittent clap-clapping, nifty guitar sequences, and wickedly cheeky military style drumming. All of this is piled on top of slick keyboard sounds to which during the mix they added analogue keys, run through a tape delay “for extra sonic scrummyness”! Scrummy it is, and then some!

This is psychedelia 21st century style.

“Beautiful Abyss” is currently streaming on Soundcloud

Watch the zany video here. Black and white beach bikini footage juxtaposed with acid house cartoons and grainy archive run backwards – brilliant.

The Heart Strings is the alternative pop project of London based producer and songwriter Todd Roache. They will release “Beautiful Abyss” as a single on 7th August, via Granpa Stan Record.

Find out more about The Heart Strings via their website –

You can follow them on FB and Twitter here –


One thought on “Tugging at your Heart Strings, Dragging you into a “Beautiful Abyss”

  1. Kinks meets Pink Floyd (early) and an American band I cannot think of. Strange mix though, the guitars are very low in the mix and lots of reverb all over the track. Not sure if I like it. It sort of misses the spot for me, no light and shade. wishing them luck though.


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