We came as strangers  Still Life

“We came as strangers” is not just a band-name, it is also the backstory to how this foursome came to be. In late 2012, four strangers came together to record music, and, in less than three years, have managed to release three albums, (all written and recorded within two-week timeframes) of “deep rooted grooves, … and whimsical melodies”.

Works for me AND very obviously works for them!

The opening sounds of “Still Life” remind me of the chimes of a grandfather clock, and, this rhythmic chime intermittently loops in and out, weaving together both halves of the song.

There are some utterly gorgeous, intriguing guitar sequences set alongside dreamy synth sounds. And ooh that schleppy scratching shoe scraping* percussive sound is just infectious. (*I’m sure there is a technical term for it – open to being educated).

This is a track on which the musicianship is truly highly skilled.

Vocalist Ellem has great reach, and a lovely, clear quality to her voice, similar to a young Andrea Corr back in the “Runaway” heyday of 90s. She takes a relaxed approach to her “Still Life” vocal, keeping it gorgeously chilled, whilst having the nous to modulate the inflection, thereby adding more emotional umpah during the sonically powerful chorus.

“We came as strangers” obviously became friends, and, are now a firmly established collaborative co-op. Theirs is a fine blend of genius creativity, fantastic imagination, and skilful craftsmanship. Their new album “Eyedom” is out on 31st August.

You can find out more about We Came As Strangers on their website – http://wecameasstrangers.com

Follow them on Twitter  – https://twitter.com/WeCameAsStrangehttps

Subscribe to their YouTube account – https://www.youtube.com/user/wecameasstrangers


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