A taste of things to come…

A quick look at the first single “Closer” before the full review of their forthcoming EP, “Here” due out on 13th August, 2015.

As a precursor to the EP, Sykoya recently released their first single “Closer”, a dark electronic dreamscape of unrequited love trying to find reciprocity through escapism.  It opens with Curtis ElVidge’s slow death march drum beat, setting a solemn pace and stark backdrop, against which Anna Marcella can cast her breathy vocal.  The plaintive softness of her voice heightens the sense of reverie and longing.  The addition of the male vocal and souping up of the electronic engine, add to the underlying sense of menace, lurking in the synth shades produced by Alejandro Bonatto.  A final layer of Nico Warschauer’s equable electronic drums, and Eduardo Leal’s suitably sombre bass, is applied to reinforce the barbed texture and enrich the inky resonance, of this illusory lament.

The full review of Sykoya’s debut EP “HERE” will be published here on Thursday 13th August, 2015, in conjunction with the release.


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