Cortney Tidwell

Life is full of weird coincidences, fateful happenings, providence and the whole “stars aligned” lark.  Sometimes, the most bizarre things occur, or, the most amazing gifts arrive without prior warning and present themselves in a predestined packaged, tied up with a ribbon called kismet.

The song I am listening to right now, is one of those very unexpected, but much welcome, karmic delights.

Somewhere along the white lines of the internet highway, I came across this musical pourbouire – a melodious thank you to me from the music-verse for services rendered (that’s my take on it!!).  I gratefully accept: it’s not every day that life hands you something as special as this captivating work of art.

The work I am referring to is the song, “Oh, Suicide”, by Cortney Tidwell.  I know nothing about Cortney Tidwell; sad to say, I’ve neither heard of her, nor of her music.  I have no idea how I came across this track: it was lying there in a bunch of bookmarked links on chrome.  I only happened upon it, when I went searching for something else. #Chance.

This is a song that snaps it’s fingers at you from the moment the first bar opens with it’s scratchy guitar and quivering synth.  After a flash melodramatic flourish, the airy lightness descends to a darkly shrouded drone.  It feels like the music is lumbering along, dragged down by the heavy burden of the lyric, hauling itself slowly forward until finally, Tidwell’s vocal lifts, allowing the song to take an upward musical trajectory to a very theatrical crescendo.  Electrifying strings, bolstered by some pretty intense synth sequences, create an emotionally explosive soundscape throughout which the lyrical lament continues to opine.  For a song based on such a sombre subject, it’s heady stuff.  Musically hard-hitting, it is a captivating and accomplished composition, with an altogether intoxicating vocal performance by Tidwell.

Things happen for a reason;  to put a smile on someone’s face, to lift their spirits out of the depths of their shoes, or, to give them an awareness of self that may somehow have become lost during their material obsessed daily grind.  Who knows?  I don’t yet know why Cortney Tidwell happened.  All I know, is that I’m very glad that she did.

Right now I’m busy with stuff….too busy to investigate, dig, unearth, unravel.  But when ‘the stuff’ is done, I will unleash my inner beagle onto the search engine of the music-verse, and I shall bring you more, on the story and music, of Cortney Tidwell.

That’s a promise, and those that know me, know I always keep my promises. X

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