(Johnno aka Snippet

Allow me to let you in on a secret….shhh!

The Fresh on the Net Mod team has it’s very own #TOWIE … yup, we sure do, and it comes in the form (BIG FORM) of H.R.H. Johnno Casson aka Snippet Cuts of  Warm and Toasty Club fame and Le Roi Lion of the #FRESHFAVE reviews!

The difference between our Towie and the original of the species, is that not only is ours tall, dark and exceedingly handsome (oh yes you are you devilish hound….bursts into The Smiths ‘Handsome Devil’), he is also witty, wordy and wonder-musiliciously uber-talented!  This man could script and soundtrack an Academy Award Winning Film a lui tout seul (if anyone knows how to do an accent on a UK keyboard, pray, do tell!!).

Which leads us seamlessly into the topic in hand…music for films!  Snips (as he shall be known from here on out!) has only gone and got his super sweet n sunny ‘We Love the Sunshine’ plucked out of the sky by a US movie mogul….more of which anon.

Torr-O You Handsome Devil
Torr-O You Handsome Devil

Clapperboard…..#snap                         BACKGROUND – a wee Snip.

Baby Johnno was born and raised in “multi-cultural” Hackney, N.East London, and as a ‘wee Snip’ was surrounded by the sounds of “British Pop music, Lovers rock (lovers rock?  what exactly is lovers rock?), SKA and Funk”, which were deeply absorbed into his multi-coloured soul, thereby producing the Rainbow Music Warrior we have all come to know and love.  Life and love brought Snips out of the city and into the Essex enclave of Colchester, wherein he has been ensconced for the past decade.

Clapperboard…..#snap                         DRAMATIS PERSONAE – more Snips n Cuts.

Johnno the Snip creates music under various guises…..Johnno Casson, Snippet, Old Tramp, Cuddly Toy…oops no sorry, that’s his mascot.  Snips is also an erstwhile band member, having previously musically masqueraded with such luminaries as ‘Corrosive’, ‘Pyjama Party’ (quelle surprise), ‘Back to Base’ and ‘Deep Joy’.

Snippet Mascot
Snippet Mascot

Clapperboard…..#snap                         SUNRISE – getting an accidental groove on

Snips has produced a piece of sonic sunshine in EP form, called oddly enough, ‘The Sunshine EP’, In plain speak, he bottled happiness, and let it loose in song.  So how did all of this come about…….why don’t we let the man tell us how it was?

Snip away Johnno…

“The whole thing came about by accident.  One afternoon I was in a really good mood, just loving playing around with ideas in logic. I quickly knocked a groove together and within 20 minutes I had most of the bones of ‘We Luv The Sunshine’.

I thought-“hold on-this might be good,this might be very good”, so I checked in with Mrs Snippet and a few trusted friends to hear their view, and they all agreed that it was a wonky pop corker, including our buddy Tom Robinson (of ONLY THE NOW fame) who said “it’s a little gem, and it does have the potential to bust through your current bubble into the wider world” and proceeded to give me all sorts of wonderful advice as always.”

Clapperboard…..#snap                         HIGH NOON – the beat goes on – (2 – 6)

“So I now had the lead track, but what about the rest of the tracks? 

Well, within an evening of cheap cider and an even cheaper casio keyboard, I had carved out track 2 –This way Up, in which every part was played on a £5 casio keyboard that I had just picked up at the local charity shop.

Track 3, Can I Love You, was a tune I had kicking around for a little while and as neither The Beach Boys nor Edwyn Collins were available, I decided to put it to tape myself.

Track 4, Misplaced Youth had been trailed on Soundcloud to universal positive feedback, especially at the time from bearded hipsters keen to shake off their Hot Chip obsessions, so I only went and mixed it into shape- I know,what a flippin’ mental!.

(RUN DMC : “could someone please remove images of Matthew “Hot Chip” Horton from my mind!!!”)


Track 5, Run For The Life had The Streets begging to use it the year earlier, and had attracted lots of interest from free style street dancing troupes so it was a no brainer to include it.

(Er, which Streets would that be Snips, Where the Streets have no name? Sesame Streets? Love Streets?  Oooh right….THE – past tense – STREETSWell there’s no accounting for artistic licence and yoga-stretching the imagination eh!)

Track 6 fLIP (not a mistype) had received a more than decent coverage as a soundtrack to disenchanted youth across Europe and South Americaso (also not a mistype).  It just felt right to include its synthy itchiness on the EP. Tom Freshnet even used it as the backing track for the Freshnet Soundcloud Dropbox to delight listeners earlobes https://soundcloud.com/freshnet/use-upload-to-group-above

(did he?  observation not one of my strong points!)

So the EP was released on Folkwit Records and remains available via all good stockists (including iTunes ) and We Luv The Sunshine has been signed up to appear in the U.S movie The Space Between in 2016!!!

Celebrate good times come on....It's a Celebration
Celebrate good times come on….It’s a Celebration

Et maintenant il est temps pour la musique

But this being Snips, the story doesn’t end there….

Clapperboard…..#snap                         SUNSET – musical mixololgy at cocktail hour

“In pure Snippet style my alter ego decided to have the EP tracks re-imagined by great emerging artists that he rated and often had championed on Fresh On The Net as part of his Prick and Ding feature:


“Martin Case is not only a wonderful guy, he is also an hugely talented writer /producer with whom I’ve worked in youth music workshops. I love his work and thought he would be the ideal man to remix the lead track.  He did not disappoint!”


“mylittlebrother – I love what this band do (including this remix).  They were the perfect fit.  They tickle my fancy, float my boat and caress my under carriage(in a virtual sense you understand…..filth you lot!!!)”  (Makes note to publish after watershed!)


“The Lake District – Probably the most re-imagined I have ever been but what a job they did!!”


“I have worked with Wim Oudijk for about 5 years, during which time he has been  producer, confidante and saviour.  I love him like the sun, and as a sign of how brilliant the internet is, we have never met each other face to face (though a trip is planned).

What a guy.  What a blinding remix!”


“So sometimes you have a remix planned and at the eleventh & a half hour, some fecker suddenly says he can’t do it – so what do you do?  You turn to an Old Tramp, thats what you do.  Knowing he will never let you down, he will always twiddle your knobs for food and alcohol (and probably hang around your house for weeks, possibly months).”

Everyone should have an old tramp in their life!!

 And NOT forgetting…. 

“Disappointing Birthday … they were an unknown, unknown, but they had a way with sound collages that made my mind bristle with freaky loveliness and their take on This Way Up turned the tune into a Ealing comedy mash up of gaelic love affair with whisky vs vintage synths.”

Warm & Toasty Snips
Warm & Toasty Snips


Clapperboard…..#snap                         NIGHTFALL- the curtain comes down

There you have it folks…a short-CUT to the how, what and why of Snips new The Sunshine EP.  Do we like it, NO. We love it!  You can catch onto Casson here on iTunes or you can Snip up a FREE download of The Sunshine EP – Remixed courtesy of Folkwit Records and the wonderful collection of remix artists.


We hope you’ve enjoyed our parley with the King of Les Bon Mots.  We shall be reviewing The Sunshine EP here on #THESWERVE in the near present.  In the meantime, we wish you Bon Nuit and leave you with the sweet sounds of the track ‘This Way Up’ –  Fais de beaux rêves xxx

You can follow Johnno aka Snippets here, there and everywhere!

Twitter               Website           Soundcloud           Old Tramp       

FolkWit Records       The Space Between

(I’d give you his FB account but I think even that would be step too far for our Snips!!)  🙂

Full review coming soon………………xxx


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