Photo Lars K. Boquist
Photo Lars K. Boquist

“Ever noticed how long we’ve been stuck in this game
How long we have tried to retain
This hopeful state of mind”

Norwegian indie-gaze gods Dråpe, have just released the third single from their latest album Relax/Relapse, out via Riot Factory records, much to the rapturous delight of their rapidly growing fanbase.

 ‘Round and Around’ is an eventful track, with a lot of movement and, a pretty biting lyric.  Without having any insider knowledge on the “inspiration for the song guys”, I would hazard a guess that Messrs Dråpe might just have been in a slightly pissed off state of mind, when they wrote it.

“Made a choice to avoid all the things I don’t like
still society sings to remind me what I’m giving up

Living from hand to mouth and it just don’t feel right
Is it worth all our money and time
When no one cares at all”

If you put me sitting in an exam and said – “Above Quote – discuss”, my answer would be:

These are the words of someone who made choices based on what they felt were the right things to do, but in so doing, they are being reminded, on a day to day basis of what they have given up.  They have put all their efforts into something which they are obviously not finding rewarding, are obviously struggling to subsist and, are currently in what I would call, a state of profound disillusionment.

I don’t usually “do” lyrics but I find Dråpe a bit of a challenge – and anyone who knows me, knows I like a challenge (right Eddie Sweetman?)

Anyway, back to the song.   ‘Round and Around’ has, first and foremost, a great beat.  Eirik Kirkemyr – Mr Shit Hot Drummer – mixes up some seriously good classic military style drumming with a dash of 60s beats, and a dollop of Madchester on the side.  Boquist, a seriously chilled bassist at the best of times, is sweeping the floor with this one, giving steady ground to the headiness of Hafnor’s spanking guitar playing.

“Living life day by day and we’re going nowhere
Time never shows us no mirror.
what are we fighting for?”

Vocalist Ketil Myhre’s accusatory tone is so sufficiently nuanced as to effectively get the cynical gist across.  Sure, the track has the ubiquitous sweet-synth courtesy of Mr F., but the overall musical sound effect is more stentorian than saccharine, meeting the acerbic lyric head on.

Great arrangement, tight musicianship, ‘Round and Around’ is a track worthy of the Replay button.

2015 has seen Dråpe find their musical feet.  If their latest offerings are the result of a “relapse”, then forgive me, but long may they continue to have them.

Round and Around is available to buy on iTunes .  Dråpe are currently touring Norway, details on their FB page.  More European dates will be announced later in the year.

You can do the fan thing here – Facebook – here Twitter and here Tumblr


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