“I always fall in sequence not as one, I think I always fall where I know it can be undone…”

Following on from their debut single Enso, Winchester trio Shallows, released AM, which I premiered via the BBC6 supported Fresh on the Net website a wee while back.

An impressive electro-indie ballad written by vocalist Jo Carson, she cites “relationships, the body and sense of self” as her inspiration. “It’s about losing control, throwing yourself into situations and being open to new experiences. It’s also about having different identities and exploring gender.”  We won’t give away too much, we don’t want to ruin the surprise: think Sade but with less sax and more sex, swimming through white spaces between pirouetting piano chords, fanned by orgasmic jungle drums.  Get the picture?

I am now delighted to be able to announce that the third track from the Winchester wowsters is on it’s way.  Yup – and it’s one charismatic composition!

Watch this space for the UK premiere!  You heard it hear first folks….and oh, while you’re waiting.

Here’s some 24 hour AM …


You can follow Shallows on FACEBOOK & TWITTER


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