Big Tooth

London based band ‘Big Tooth’ (easy there tiger!) have a new song streaming on SoundCloud.  It’s called ‘Annie Girl’ and it is sheer romance in a song. Pure musical “Mills & Boon”.  Gentle, loving, lovely, soft, warm – I want to be held in it’s arms and hypnotised, disappearing blissfully into its love story.

Opening with pared back acoustic guitar, enter stage left some easygoing drumming and nice honeydew mellow synth.  Serenely vocalised poignant lyrics are blanketed by a chorus of floaty harmonies.  Tranquil.  Bliss.

Then woo, off we go … Enter stage right, rapturous synth whirling dervishes, billowing and soaring as the song bursts into a romantic rhapsody.  The track takes off into the heavens, bringing you with it, mind and soul.  Even if the body is still unfortunately answerable to gravity, it is not bound by gravitas, and the overall result is a huge serotonin rush.  This song is as effervescent as champagne and equally intoxicating.

‘Annie Girl’ is mesmerising musical seduction, & I for one have been seduced.

I might just add that ‘Annie Girl’ made it into the BBC6 Music supported Fresh on the Net #FRESHFAVES this week, as voted for by the public! And rightly so!

The socially inclined can hook up with these musical romancers on FB – here and Twitter – here.


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