Woozy, Nordic Dreamgazers, MARIBEL, have just popped a new album, ‘Dirty/Clean’ in Norway, and man is it one blissed out beauty.

These perfect purveyors of super shimmer shoegaze have a well established fanbase in Norway, and my bet is that once this album makes it’s international debut, they will see their fuzzy fireworks rocket into the world beyond their own Aurora Borealis filled skies.

As a precursor to the album, Maribel published opening track, ‘And back in’, featuring Carmen Villain), up on free streaming site SoundCloud.

It is a trance inducing musical cloud, that wafts and winds it’s way through your soul, lifting your subconscious to another level, transcending the mortal and arriving in all it’s Technicolor psychedelic glory at some blissed out Nirvana.  Simple guitar arrangements, gauzy vocals and blurry synths, are brought together by hypnotic harmonies and acid-trip percussion.  This is dream-pop at it’s most “angel delight-ful”.

Stay tuned here for an upcoming feature on Maribel & Dirty/Clean.

You can follow Maribel on SoundCloud – here – Twitter – here – and Facebook  – here.


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