A song usually catches my attention because of the beat, vibe, musicianship, vocal, genre, pre-requisite amount of sparkle etc.  Whatever the draw, it’s normally sound oriented.  What held my aural gaze in respect of Emilio Pinchi’s songs was the lyrics … direct, hard hitting, witty, sarcastic, and full off self-deprecation.

His song ‘Naps’ featured on the Fresh on the Net #FRESHFAVES recently, reviewed by ‘Mr Luvva Luvva Sunshine’, Johnno Casson, and here is some of what he had to say:-

“He (Emilio) sounds like an old soul in a young man’s body, and is no stranger to Fresh On The Net after making the Fresh Faves in December last year. Our own Tom Robinson described him thus: “You’d need a heart of stone to resist Emilio Pinchi’s fresh confessional lyrics and low-key throwaway delivery. It’s a beautiful, authentic performance that never sounds like it’s trying too hard, yet carries absolute conviction.” Couldn’t agree more, Tom.”

‘Naps’ is a cracker of a tune with a dry, bluntly vocalised serrated edged lyric. It has a lovely gentle sound which acts as a counterpoint to the sharpness of the words.  The lyrics are sung with telling inflection, while the music casually drifts along in the background with its catchy guitar chords and some light but natty percussion.

This young Liverpudlian guitarist and singer sure knows how to both pen and perform a song in the mould of Bob Dylan, and trust me, that name was cited more than once during the week this track featured on the #FOTN Listening Post!

“I’m taking naps in the day cos I can’t my nerve, and I can’t hold a drink any more, You’re telling me straight, coming up at the party, everyone starting at once, You can’t be this way.  Well evidently I can …”

This week sees the release of Pinchi’s debut 4-Track EP – ‘Trying Man’ – which has already created a buzz within the music media … Quite a bit of a buzz actually, and one louder than the buzzing of the fridge which comes through on the title track if you  listen hard enough!  Yep, this low key, low budget, top class track was recorded in Emilio’s kitchen of all places.  Which just goes to show that with an inspired mind, a lot of talent, a warm voice and a well tuned guitar, you can do as well, if not better than some that have the lavish surrounds of big budget studios at their disposal.


Emilio Pinchi’s ‘Trying Man’ EP launches tomorrow evening in the Lantern, Liverpool Doors 7.30pm – be there or be square – details here.


You can chase Pinchi’s coat tails around social media – FacebookSoundCloud Twitter


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