Photo Lars K Boquist
Photo Lars K Boquist

Earlier this year, Norwegian Star Gazers Dråpe, dropped ‘Pie in the Sky’ as the first single from their latest opus, ‘Relax/Relapse’.

An hazy, azure-days stunner, it has shone brightly enough to be picked up by none other than posher than posh, #mwah TV show , ‘Made in Chelsea’.  ‘Pie in the Sky’ is now sparkling like an Asprey Diamond Dazzler on the MIC S10 Spotify Playlist (no.35).

A musical carnival of cotton-candy pop, this abfabumagical popscape is an amalgam of hypnotic guitar riffs, sun-filled synths, lively jazz influenced bass-lines, heavenly harp and angelic vocals.  Creative & vibrant percussive sequences see the inclusion of some nifty bongo playing, making it quite the veritable thumpfest.

‘Pie in the Sky’ with its gorgeous heavenly harmonies and effervescent synth playing, is candy sweet but not cloyingly so. It’s sugar coating does however mask a stinging lyric, the bittersweet effect that these Norwegian purveyors of indie-gaze are so skilled at producing.

Who said ‘Pie in the Sky’ was all up in the air? … And if it’s good enough for #Binky!

Dråpe’s second album Relax/Relapse is out now via Riot Factory, and their singles including ‘Pie in the Sky’ are streaming on Spotify & Soundcloud.

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