Foto: Ane Aspén
Foto: Ane Aspén

Kari Harneshaug came to the attention of the Norwegian music media on the back of her 2012/13 releases Early Morning Memories, and, Saviour.  Now signed to Trondheim trendies, No Forevers, she has just dropped a new single, For Our Love, the lead track from her upcoming album, due for release in February 2016.

Well known to Norwegian music audiences, Kari has been busy playing the domestic festival circuit, including stalwarts such as Pstereo and Øyafestivalen, as well the mother-fest, Trondheim Calling.  She has also spent the greater part of 2015 recording her third studio album, spicing up her MO with a very interesting twist.  Deciding on an “open door” policy, Kari actively invited fans and members of the public into her studio to observe her creative process in flow. This proactive and bold move, of enthusiastically encouraging audience interaction, yielded hugely valuable feedback of which Kari was able to take immediate and full advantage.

The result of this free-flowing and interactive recording process is an album with a style and feel very different to her past productions.

For Our Love is a dramatic and enigmatic blend of alt-pop-rock.  With an undoubtedly catchy hook and a most theatrical vocal, the track evolves around sequences of delightfully flowing piano/synth & wind, with intermittent quirky, jagged guitar chords making themselves very much heard.  But the protagonist of the song is the vocal.  Kari’s voice is pure melodrama – husky, passionate and edgy.  For Our Love is pure musical theatre – dramatic, captivating and intriguing.

As an introduction to Kari Harneshaug’s new sound, and a taster of her forthcoming album, For Our Love is a sure sign that even better is yet to come.

Kari Harneshaug’s new as yet untitled album, will be released in February 2016.  For Our Love is available now on iTunes via the No Forevers label.

You can follow Kari on TwitterFacebook Soundcloud.

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