Today I’m yakking with Matthew “Matt Clyma” Gooderson , a.k.a in Swerve’s World  as Matt “Climie Fisher” Clyma, (you had to have been there – it WAS funny at the time!).  That be him in the photo above – trying to see how far back he can lower his head before his hat falls off.

Producer, Composer, Thinker, Talker, Educator, Skateboarder, Yogi and erstwhile member of electro-rockers the Matt has most recently been showcasing his remixing talents on the Clyma Remix of the track ‘Your Ghost’ by upcoming multi-instrumentalist and Bridport lass, Gris de Lin, more of which later.

I started by asking Matt to tell me a bit about himself … standard fare, but important nonetheless, yes?

” “Clyma” is a Cornish name that was passed down from my Great, Great, Grandmother.  It means “mild mannered” in English, which I think is really nice.  Also, having “Clyma” as my surname gives me a permanent connection to my family heritage.  Over the years, I’ve made lots of music under various guises, but I think now is the time to stop hiding, and so here I am, Matthew Clyma.

It’s been a pretty crazy musical journey, touring around the world, playing with electro-punk band, Infadels, but I’ve drawn a line in the sand now, and taken it all back to the beginning, which has been pretty daunting to say the least.  I’ve been trying to find a sound, a feeling, the holy grail of transcendence.  Making music saps you, you do expend a lot of emotional energy, but I see it as a doorway to an amazing otherness, to a perfect state, so I guess what I’m trying to do really, is to create music at it’s most optimal.  I was a bit like that with skateboarding and yoga, but the yoga didn’t go so well (laughs)”  … Actually he laughs A LOT!!

We stopped laughing and got a bit serious, as the conversation moved onto creative processes, musical legends and “HSKT” (no?, me neither!).

“I’ve always been very interested in the creative process and am fascinated by that Glass methodology, you know, “Systems in Art and Music”.  Glass, Reich, Nyman all create using the systems idea.  One of my favourite compositions is the Glass opera, “Einstein on the Beach”, with its numerical repetition and circular processes.

I’ve always listened to electronic music and Krautrock.  I really admire artists like Sylvan Esso for tracks like ‘HSKT‘ and Grouplove’s ‘I’m With You’ with it’s amazing Philip Glass style piano build up.  Their music has a resonance I like.” (Coincidentally (or not) Sylvan Esso remixed ‘I’m With You’ in June 2014, but ripped out the Glass piano intro in the process! Boo!!).

Gris de Lin came to my attention earlier this Summer when her song ‘Birthday’ featured on the Fresh on the Net Listening Post.  Fans voted for it in their droves and it landed a spot on the site’s #FRESHFAVES.  The reviewer that week was renowned hard man, Johnno Casson, who was “marshmallowed” by it’s loveliness – you know you’ve hit him where it hurts when the opening gambit of the review is “Oh sweet children of Dorset how you beckon me with your gorgeous voices and melodies” –  you can read it in full here.

Gris launched her debut Double-A sided single, ‘Birthday’/’YourGhost’, at the beginning of September with a big shin dig at uber trendy Servant Jazz Quarters, where coincidentally, she will form part of the star studded “house-band”, that includes the lush-voiced Ed Harcourt, for the launch of Joe Gideon’s solo release, Vice/Versa.  Since her single release, Gris’ music has been featured on both BBC6Music and, BBC Introducing South.

Gris’ debut album named, (shh ‘s a secret, can’t tell ya) has just gone through the final mastering litmus test and will be ripe for pressing early in the new year.  We’ll keep you posted on that one!!  In the meantime, aside from schmoozing with the London glitterati, she is planning her live promotional tour, plus, yes, you’ve guessed it, she’s working with uber remixer, Matt Clyma.  Yep, she’s got it all going on has this gal.

Matt and Gris are long standing, firm friends, as well as being tight musical collaborators who mutually inspire each other.  Matt gave a bit of insight into Gris and working on the ‘Your Ghost’ Remix …

“It took me a long time to do the remix because I was looking for the right sound.  I eventually found an Ellis Island Sound track that resonated.  They’re a band I’m hugely fond of and the song is called ‘Asa Kusa’ from their Divisions album.  I didn’t want to touch ‘Your Ghost’ too much, but I did want it to sound like Gris was singing the song from a different physical place.  I also took some ideas from Brian Eno and added them into the process.

Originally when Gris was trying out sounds for the album, we found ourselves in the really unique situation of having two pianos in the one room.  We both started playing, it was amazing.  We built the song around those notes which Gris recorded on her phone.  She has the most amazing way of writing songs, I’ve never come across anything like it.  I’ll leave that one for her to tell though (winks!).  We had some really good laughs during those weeks, but I did put her through her paces.  Particularly with one piece, where I made her sing one word at a time, like I literally made her sing one word per take, one take at a time. He’s back laughing again – Gris my girl, patience is obviously one of your virtues!)

I approached the remix with the mindset of, “I  want to do something unambitious”.  That removed the pressure, and allowed me the freedom to enjoy remixing it, and, working with Gris is always a pleasure anyway.  We’re going to do another remix, though I don’t want to say too much about it just yet or I’ll spoil the surprise. 

As for myself, I’m working on some new material, oh and updating my website.  I’m really looking forward to 2016, it’s going to be a lot of fun!”

And that conversation was a lot of fun – trust me on that – cos half of it isn’t printed here, though I will tell you that Celine Dion did come into at one point.  Cue more laughter.  A big thanks to Matt for his time, and a shout out “Hi” to Gris.

Matt Clyma will be releasing new material as well as collaborating on more remixes with various folks in 2016. You can find out more about him and his musical going-ons via his (currently being updated) website – or follow him on Twitter.

Gris-de-Lin will gig with Joe Gideon on 18th November and is herself planning some live shows, which you can get the details of, on her FB page here.


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