Oh Gawd … it’s happened again.  I should stay away from Google.  Alternatively, I should try listening to more radio.  Either way, Lady Luck has whacked me one with her musical baton, and with her usual divine randomness, has brought new Indie-Pop wunderkinds, Blossom, to my easily distracted attention.  #THWACK.

Currently in the middle of an extensive UK tour, and already booking in repeat dates for 2016, Blossoms have already passed through the eye of the “emerging artist” needle, and darned their way into the UK’s musical tapestry, with both proficiency and speed.  Marked out as early as Aug’14 as, “Ones to Watch 2015”, these bookies favourites have captured the imagination of the UK music industry and fans alike, without, it would seem, even breaking a sweat.

So what’s so special??  Well let’s have a listen then.

First up, ‘Charlemagne’

With some serious tinges of ‘Stairway to Heaven’ guitar riffs (hello Josh Dewhurst, you’ve caught my attention), and a lead singer with a look not too far off a young Robert Plant, you could forgive me for making a allusion to Zepp right?  Throw that into the musical melting pot with some crazily beautiful synth sequences and a spectacular display by the Rhythm Section, made up of Charlie Salt (wicked, wicked, bass) and Joe Donovan (vibing the Fleetwood), and the result is a musical dish fit or a King – ta-dah! (Charlemagne, King, gettit?)

“The stately homes of England, how beautiful they stand,

Lately it’s a lonely love I know, Blown Rose.”

Blossoms have plenty of weapons in their musical arsenal, not the least of which is keyboardist, Myles Kellock, whose rose-mantic flourishes on ‘Blown Rose’ ornament a delightful melody and frabjous chiming guitars.  Frontman, Tom Ogden, has a touch of the Brett Anderson’s about his clear, honeyed voice, and his vocal on this track is perfectly nuanced and warmly inviting.  Wrapped up and ribboned by a slickly synchronised RS, ‘Blown Rose’ is an infectious, pop-gazer, that screams at me to use lush words like mellifluous and sparkling.  But I’ll slam on the breaks and leave it at this.  This is a bright and sunny tune, with great rhythm, a dreamy melody and a warmly uplifting spirit.

In March of this year, Blossoms played The Albert Hall as a support act to the Charlatans; they have just announced a (now nearly sold out) headline gig there for 27th February 2016Gigwise has featured them on their “50 artists that are going to be huge in 2016” … I think they might just be right!

To be in with a shout to get one of ONLY 30 remaining Vinyl copies of the Charlemagne EP lucky your dip here.

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