With an intro that could be a distant relative of the opening sound of Lipps Inc’s ‘Funky Town’ (replace trippy keys with ragged guitar seqs), and a vocal that wouldn’t go astray on a Plastic Bertrand track (think Ca Plane Pour Moi), ‘Junk Food’, the new release from London-based Mancunian Natalie Findlay and her band, is a rambunctious riot of colourful new wave disco.

Dripping with sarcasm (the current on-trend default lyrical setting), ‘Junk Food’ is a lyrical attack on society’s obsession with perfection and the body beautiful.  It mocks our fixation with ever-changing crazes for the next best thing, the next gimmicky fad, whether they be cosmetic, dietary or both.  The song rails against the hypocrisy of a society that destroys the beauty of the natural world around it, in its greedy and vain attempts to perpetuate and/or attain its own version of superficial beauty.

The video cranks it up a notch, ripping into the “Are You Beach Body Ready?” advertising campaign from Protein World. It is a damning satire in yellow, of the food, diet and beauty industry. (Cue lots of goo and gore – not for the squeamish this).

Highly charged, with buckets of edgy guitar, and thrashing of drums a-plenty, ‘Junk Food’ is a musical frenzy over which Findlay belts out her damning vocal.  Video aside (sorry, no can do, though kudos for the logic behind the images), this is a bloody good song which, following on from the previous 2015 releases, is sure to propel Findlay, firework stylee, into 2016.

Findlay & Co are currently preparing for a Euro tour, with plans to gig the UK in the near future.  An album release date in 2016 is on cards but yet to be confirmed.  ‘Junk Food’ is out now – details here.

Socially inclined folks can do the do here,


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