” … eating breakfast with your parents
leaving you by lunch
walking home with a headache
from Anteros punch …”

Tellef Raabe’s video for new single “1+1+1”premiered earlier today on “Under the Radar” and I’m now delighted to be able to bring it to you here on DervSwerve, in all its psychedelic glory.

Hailing from Bergen, singer/songwriter Raabe, the Norwegian John Grant, dropped his last single single ‘Mould’, on a certain bloggers birthday (cough!) back in September (will be expecting an avalanche of cards in 2016 🙂 ).  ‘Mould’, the third single to be released this year, was subsequently followed by the full EP, ‘Gymnopaedia’, on 12th October.

With a voice deeper than the North Sea, Tellef Raabe, previously gave us this Greek God of a gift, in the form of ‘Dear Aphrodite’ … which to my delight received airplay on these fair shores (it’s not everyday a Norwegian singer gets featured on Irish airwaves, trust me!!).


” … 1+1+1 makes thirty
you want comfort, I’m just flirty
age divided by two, plus seven
praise Himeros, there’s no heaven … “

Raabe makes smooth, melodious dark indie-pop, combining quirky but intelligent lyrics with wonderfully arranged instrumentals. His current single, ‘1+1+1’, is exceptionally well crafted, comprising Raabe’s inky dark vocal with an interactive mix of cleverly played acoustic and electric guitar riffs, twists of bonkers electronica, sweeps of brushed drums and some neat 60s groovester percussion.

The video is very imaginatively conceived of, opening up with gold lighting effects thrown over animated hand shadows, which form what appears to be a golden eagle (or indeed could be the phoenix rising from the ashes of his burnt love affair – I’m all for a good love story me!).  This is followed by a flame like hologram of Raabe’s face, plus other colourful graphics, and some flash-bright explosive lighting effects.  It ends by reverting back to the original hand shadow images. All very 3D in HD with psychedelic knobs on.

Raabe, signed to Trondheim Trendies, Riot Factory (they are trendy, they told me, I believe them!!) will launch his album in Spring 2016.  In the meanwhile, feast your eyes on this visual delight.

For more information on how to buy the single ‘1+1+1’ or the EP ‘Gymnopaedia’ click here.

You can follow Tellef Raabe on Facebook – here.

Or if you’re a member of the Twitterati Glitterati pitch up with a follow – here.


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