In 1980s Hamburg, a trio of music loving primary school friends with a techie bent, decided to try their hand at making some electronic sounds.  Fast forward to 2016, and updated, enhanced and re-energised variations on the Hamburg theme, will debut in the form of, ‘The Gamble’, the ‘surprise’ album from the three former amigos, under the moniker, ‘nonkeen’.

Nonkeen, comprises Nils Frahm (whose collab with Olafur Arnalds was recently featured here @DervSwerve) and his fellow childhood music makers Sebastian ‘Sepp’ Singwald and Frederic Gmeiner.  The threesome have got back together to close out the sonic project they started so many years ago, and to which intermittent updates have been made over the past ten years.


The three initially started recording music to complement a radio show that Gmeiner and Frahm were hosting back in the late 80s.  As their catalogue grew, they started doing live performances, but as is the case with so many childhood friendships, the three went their separate ways, only recently getting back together to tie up the loose musical ends that have now resulted in ‘The Gamble’


Nonkeen debut, ‘The Gamble’, is set for release on February 5 via R&S records. Mixed and mastered by Frahm, it is available to pre-order on iTunes and Bandcamp.  Here is the 9 strong tracklist:

01. the invention mother
02. saddest continent on earth
03. ceramic people
04. animal farm
05. this beautiful mess
06. capstan
07. chasing god through palmyra
08. pink flirt
09. re: turn!

MaryAnne Hobbs, long time champion of Frahm’s music, scooped the world exclusive preview of track 7 from the album, entitled ‘Chasing God Through Palmyra’.  It was aired on her BBC6 Music programme, ‘Recommends Session’, and you can listen to it here (I have it set to start at the MaryAnne intro).


‘The Gamble’ is out on 5th February 2016.  More details about the album and the ‘nonkeen’ biography can be found on the official website.  You can also check in via Facebook.


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