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Crack open the Akavit!!

Norwegian indie rock poppers Highasakite are this week celebrating, after it was announced that their album, ‘Silent Treatment’, now in it’s 92nd consecutive week in the Norwegian album charts,  has become the longest charting album in the Official Norwegian Charts over the course of almost 50 years.

No other album has sat for such a length of time on the sideboard of the Norwegian charts since its inception in 1967.  Now there’s something to WOW about.

Released on 3rd February, 2014, ‘Silent Treatment’ took the number one spot in the Norwegian charts one week later.  It has remained firmly entrenched as a constant chart fixture ever since.  Named second best album of the year by  Norwegian music critics in a list published by Dagsavisen, it won the best “Pop Album” award at the 14th Annual IMAs (2015).

Highasakite comprises 10 tracks and is available via iTunes and Spotify.

  1. “Lover, Where Do You Live?”
  2. “Since Last Wednesday”
  3. “Leaving No Traces”
  4. “Hiroshima”
  5. “My Only Crime”
  6. “I, the Hand Grenade”
  7. “Darth Vader”
  8. “Iran”
  9. “The Man on the Ferry”
  10. “Science & Blood Tests”

Highasakite are currently touring with Icelandic band, Of Monsters and Men, playing dates in the UK and Ireland across November.  They will play to a sold out Dublin’s Olympia, on Sunday 22nd.

You can get more background to and details about future gigs and releases from the official Highasakite website.


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