Ozzie-Danish** duo, Palace Winter, have it all going on right now, between single releases, promotional work, signings, non-stop interviews and oh, a bit of music here and there, just to keep the fingers nimble and voices limber.  **(I was going to say Melba-Danish but that’d just bring a lot of Peaches imagery into your head wouldn’t it!! #nom).

Fresh from the launch of the digital version of their debut EP, ‘Medication’,  the guys have been endlessly gigging around Euro hotspots, doing countless radio interviews with National broadcasters, as well as being furiously booked in for some serious live dates in 2016 – name-check #by:Larm – yup, read about it here !

And that’s just the tip of the good news iceberg!  This weekend saw the release of the vinyl edition of the Palace Winter hit EP – sniff it out here.  As only 300 copies have been pressed, you’ll need to get your turbo charged skates on to snaffle a copy.  I strongly recommend you buy now, think later, as this is one seriously rockin’ EP that you don’t want to miss out on.

As if that wasn’t good enough news, those PW charmers have announced that they will be hitting a London near you in December.  Monday 14th sees them doing an in-store at Rough Trade whilst Tuesday 15th has them belting out those rockin’ tunes at the uber trend-monster venue, Birthdays, details here.

And just to get you in the mood, have a play of these two adrenalin pumpers from the ‘Medication’ EP – ‘Time Machine’ (my personal fave) and the SoundCloud busting ‘Menton’ (it’s had over 110k hits to-date and bust the Hype Machine charts out of the stratosphere!).

The EP ‘Medication’ is out via Tambourhinoceros records.  Palace Winter can be followed on Facebook & Twitter.

See you on 15th XX Swerve



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