Today I decided to go a bit random and check out what it is exactly that floats the musical boat of the Norwegian music buying public.  Amidst endless entries from the likes of Justin Bieber, Adele and Ed Sheeran, there are some but not many indigenous acts dotted here and there across the charts.  What is most interesting but yet not surprising, is the fact that those that do feature, are predominantly Norwegian speaking.

Bit of a conundrum that when you dwell upon it.  Most of the successful acts in the Norwegian charts are English speaking International acts, yet the domestic acts that seem to be charting are those that perform in Norwegian.  One wonders how that must sit with the NorwEnglish bands!  The facts surely beg the question – why are Norwegian speaking acts more successful than their English speaking fellow countrymen, in a chart that is dominated by non-Norwegian speaking international artists?

Some of the local Norwegian acts currently filling the Nordic airwaves are Sondre Justad, Anders Jektvik, OnklP & De Fjerne Slektningene and Norwegian Baby Biebers (in stereo) – cue huge cutesy factor  – Marcus and Martinus.  So just who are these domestice acts currently riding the tide of Norwegian chart success??

Sondre Justad

Sondre Justad is a young Norwegian singer hailing from Lofoten, who is currently doing a promotional tour of Norway on foot of the launch of his debut album, ‘Riv I Hjertet’, released via Petroleum records.  The title track, which means Torn Heart, is currently the most played song on Norwegian radio, and if it rings your bell, you can stream it here on Spotify or buy it via iTunes.

Thirty something Anders Jektvik, is a musician, singer and songwriter originally from Hitra, an island in Sor-Trondelag, in the upper reaches of Northern Norway.  Previously a member of the band Tefeilles, he went solo in 2012 when he came runner up in the X Factor type competition, Norske Talenter.  He released his debut album, ‘Aill kjeinne aill’, in Febuary 2013, and is currently sitting at number 13 in the album charts with this latest album, ‘Sei det igjæn’.

OnklP & De Fjerne Slektningene are an urban-rap-rock group formed by OnklP and Oslo Ess.  Their songs lean towards the usual urban-rap themes of love, drugs, death etc and have been nominated for several prizes/awards.  They are currently just one slot under Mr Jektvik, at number 14 in the album charts, with their third release, ‘Slekta III‘.

Which just leaves mini-music-wonders, identical twins Marcus and Martinus, currently presiding over the number 2 spot in the album charts, whilst also lurking at number 31 in the singles charts.  Their album ‘Hei‘ has been sitting in the Norwegian album charts for an impressive 35 weeks!  Not bad for two thirteen year olds is it?

Having won the Melodi Grand Prix Junior  in 2012, they built a successful mini-pop career, got themselves signed by Sony Music Ent Norway, and went on to release their debut album in February 2015.

I’ll leave you with their latest, festive single, only just released, ‘Alt jeg onsker meg’ which means ‘All I wish for’ … take it away boys!


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