2015 just keeps getting better and better for our very own Andrew Hozier Byrne, and this week is no different, as it sees the Wicklow man add not one, but two more notches on his musical belt.

First up, he gets discovered by The Guardian – well hooray!! Quick outta the traps those guys! #Bish-bosh Joe (couldn’t resist!!)  Here’s an extract from a new music review published yesterday morning, 16th November (two years and two months after Hozier’s debut eponymous album was released.)

“I’ll admit to not knowing anything about Hozier before today, other than seeing his name on billboards … He occupies the same space in my head as Father John Misty, a hairy guy singing, probably with a guitar. Surprisingly, Jackie & Wilson doesn’t offend me with blandness like I imagined, and makes for some fairly solid hairy-white-guy-blues. His voice is sweet, the lyrics are good, the instrumentation is aptly mellow; it feels like he’s breaking up with me but we’re both all right with it.”

And then, this happened …

VH1’s Big Music in 2015 featured a live perform of the iconic ‘Blackbird’ with our dude  Hozier duetting with former YouTube sensation, now megastar, American Tory Kelly.  Their cover of the legendary Beatles track closed out the VH1 sess.

By all accounts, Hozier is already HUGE on these shores, in fact he’s borderline National Icon.  However, globally his star is still in the ascendant, and while it is already shining brightly Stateside and elsewhere, 2016 will probably see it explode.

As those other Irish songsters sang once upon a TOTP, “things can only get better” for Andrew Hozier-Byrne.

Bring it on …


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