Photo by Claudia Goedke
Photo by Claudia Goedke

Another release of music by German wunderkind Nils Frahm has been announced by his label Erased Tapes – except this time, it comes with a twist.  Entitled ‘Screws Reworked’, it is an ingenious compilation of reworked Frahm tracks from the 2012 original album , BUT (and here’s the twist) they have been made by musician-fans.

The backstory to ‘Screws’ is by now pretty well known, but to recap in brief.

Frahm made the album ‘Screws’ whilst recovering from a broken thumb.  Inspired by friends and fans, to whom he had turned for ideas during the creative process, Frahm returned the favour by way of gifting the album as a free download. This in turn led to so many fans sending Frahm their own versions of the tracks that he publicly called out for submissions to be sent to him, from which he has now picked nine reworked pieces to make up ‘Screws Reworked’.

01. Nils Frahm – You (Bug Lover Remix)
02. Nils Frahm – Do (Databoy78 Rework)
03. Nils Frahm – Re (Helios Rework)
04. Nils Frahm – Mi (Soul Channel Rework)
05. Nils Frahm – Fa (Fred Yaddaden Rework)
06. Nils Frahm – Sol (Ruhe Rework)
07. Nils Frahm – La (Sebastian Freij Rework)
08. Nils Frahm – Si (Plasma Rüby Rework)
09. Nils Frahm – Me (Analogue Dear Rework)

In case you can’t wait another three weeks to hear this fascinating muso-fan homage to the great man himself, you can listen to it here via SoundCloud.

‘Screws Reworked’ will come bundled with the original album, and goes on release via Erased Tapes on 11th December, 2015.

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