Photo – Iceland 2015 Taken by Susanne Sundfor

Chart topping Norwegian songstress, Susanne Sundfor, who broke through the Nordic musical “glass ceiling” this year with the magnificent Ten Love Songs, has announced that she will join the “Folkets klimamarsj”, or, Global Climate March, in Oslo next weekend.

The march will kick off at 1pm UTC on Saturday 28th November from the Jernbanetorget public square in Oslo.  The aim is to get as large a turnout as possible to publicise Norwegian solidarity against environmental destruction and climate change, in advance of the Climate Summit, due to be held in Paris the following week.  This summit  will see world leaders meet to agree on a climate strategy.

There will be an array of colourful music and dancing,  as well as participation from a variety of organisations championing the protection of our natural environment.  The organisers hope that the people of Oslo and beyond, will join together to show the world how firmly they stand behind “climate justice.”

Here is the statement posted to Facebook by Sundfor earlier today:

“Climate change is something that has worried me since childhood and I think it’s time we start opening our eyes and try to find ways to take care of what we still have. The most efficient way to do this is to let politicians know we are not happy with their efforts and that we wont stop telling them until we are. Show them we are unhappy by joining me in Oslo on November 28th” 

Iceland Photo Susanne Sundfor
Iceland Photo Susanne Sundfor

For those of you who speak Norwegian, here is some more background.

For de av dere som snakker norsk , her er litt mer bakgrunn.

Lørdag 28. november går vi sammen for den største og mest fargerike klimamarkeringen Norge har opplevd! Dette er helgen før verdens ledere skal samles om en klimaavtale i Paris og marsjen i Oslo er én av en rekke store markeringer verden over som til sammen utgjør Global Climate March. Med musikk, farger, kostymer, dans og et mangfold av organisasjoner og folk skal vi i Oslo vise at vi vil ha klimarettferdighet og klimajobber nå!  Folkets klimamarsj (Global Climate March)


Susanne Sundfor is currently touring Ten Love Songs and has been announced for the Polar Jazz Festival, Norway in February 2016.  We’ll sign off with one of the tracks from the album.  God Natt.


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