Icelandic electro-classical wizard, Olafur Arnalds, has just announced a new collaboration with Spitfire Audio that sees him launch an especially created and curated string quartet sample library, under the banner, ‘Evolutions’.

Arnalds, famed for his electro-classical fusions with both Alice Sara Ott and Nils Frahm, as well as the more ambient-electronic pop project, Kiasmos, with Bloodgroup member, Janus Rasmussen, is renowned for his classical piano skills, inventive synth compositions and ingenious production techniques.

Arnalds brought a carefully selected string quartet together for the ‘Evolutions’ project, with the sole aim of creating a performance in the style of his own “individualistic, inspiring and haunting aesthetic”.   The resulting outputs will form part of Spitfire Audios ‘Evo Grid’ sample library series for composers, producers and songwriters.

‘Evolutions’ uses Spitfire’s revolutionary ‘Evo Grid’ system to enable songwriters and composers avail of a vast array of samples.  The focus on collating the samples was on the strings players ability “take a note and change it over long periods of time”.  Those notes were subsequently replayed across a variety of “pitch centres” [and] “placed on a peg board grid system on the ‘Putney’ synth.”

The sample user simply pegs which Evo they wish to use or hits a random function that will select one of several million outcomes!

No chance of running out of ideas then!

Available to purchase now at the discounted price of £149.00, for a limited time only, some key points to note about ‘Evolutions’ are:-

  • 3444 Samples
  • 31.4 GB Uncompressed .WAV
  • 15.2 GB disk space required
  • 30.4 GB disk space required during install

You can get full details, as well as a sample teaser and a 27min video walkthrough here.

In case you have any doubt about Arnalds’ abilities, you can listen to some of his productions,  as well as a piece by Oliver Webber created using the ‘Evolutions’ samples,  below.


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