Astonishingly talented Danish multi-instrumentalist, Cæcilie Trier, recently debuted a new solo project under the CTM moniker, the lead track from which, ‘Cezanne’, was reviewed by myself for Ja Ja Ja Nordic earlier this month – read the full review here.

Electronically driven, ‘Cezanne’ is dark-experimental at its most intriguing extreme. Speaking of the track, CTM is quoted as saying:-

“‘Cézanne’ is a mysterious car ride through a grey mist, with a dramatic scenography of midi strings, piano outbursts and a silent fellow passenger. It comes from a suite of songs altogether forming a dramatic play on a backdrop of sound collages. On top of this, a narrator leads you through the story [of Suite For A Young Girl], also with references to different works, for example Nabokov and Gertrude Stein.”

With references to Nabokov it is no surprise to find oneself looking at a Lolita-esque like video, shot in demi-monochrome, with intermittent pops of colour.  The video, as beguiling and curious as the track itself, features a ballet class of ‘knowing’ ingenues, brief images of a ‘removed’ male pianist, and black & white shots of a stark yet beautifully dramatic coil of staircase.  This visual tells as hauntingly mesmeric a storyline as the song itself.

Shot in Cophenhagen, and directed by Directed by Sara Laub + Kamilla Bruus, you can watch the video here,

‘Cezanne’ is the lead track from CTM’s upcoming 8-track Mini Album, ‘Suite for a Young Girl’ set for release 22nd January, 2016 via Tambourhinoceros records, which is available for pre-order here.


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