Sigur Ros

Icelandic band Sigur Ros have just announced details of an upcoming festival tour for Summer 2016.  Excitingly, the band have confirmed that they will be playing some new, unreleased songs, sparking fevered speculation amongst fans that the release of a new album is imminent.

The tour will include Summer festivals across Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Netherlands and the UK.

Making the announcement on their FB page, the band said:-

“We are pleased to announce that we are playing festivals next summer in the spirit of adventure.  All we can say right now is it’s going to be different, with new unreleased songs, a new show and maybe some other *new* things. beyond that, we can only ask you to trust us on this one.”

“Festival dates announced today for Norway, Denmark, Russia, Slovakia, Austria, Belgium, United Kingdom, Germany and the Netherlands ‪#‎sigurroslive “

Of particular interest is the announcement that they will play Bergenfest on 16th June, details here, as well as London’s Citadel Festival in mid July, see here.

You can check out details of the full festival tour schedule here.

The last release from Sigur Ros came in November 2013 with Rafstraumur, the fourth single from their album Kveikur.

You can listen to Rafstaumur here.


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