Fadó fadó back in the 80s, there was a hugely successful, highly acclaimed singer songwriter, by the name of F.R. David. He was French.  He penned a song called, ‘Words Don’t Come Easy’.  It topped the charts in France, and subsequently reached over 11million views on YT.  No mean feat!

Fast-forward to 2015, and Norwegian singer-songwriter Bellman’s new drop, ‘We Are The Guns‘.  Listen to the voice.  Not the sound, not the lyrics, THE VOICE!

Okay it’s got a Norwegian inflection, and is pitted against a dynamic electronic backdrop, but that creamy dreamy, silky soft smoothness that was David’s trademark is there, 100%, in Bellman’s breathy, reverby evocative vocal.

Bellman, a.k.a. Arne-Johan Rauan, has been plying his musical trade for a few years now, and in that time has garnered a loyal following not just in Norway, but also internationally.  His debut album, ‘Mainly Mute’ was both critically and commercially well received, breaking the Top Ten and peaking at the #6 slot on the Norwegian album charts.  Impressively, he has opened for Irish indie-rock legends, Snow Patrol, as well as fellow Norwegians, alt-rockers Madrugada.

Although his sound has been slowly evolving over the years from the Coldplay oriented ‘Spaceship, Move Slow’ to the more acoustic folk-pop of ‘Celestine’, the vibe has always remained tranquil and tenderly mellifluous.  With his latest release, ‘We Are The Guns’, Bellman has turned his inherently “lighter” sound completely on its head by introducing an heavy electronic underlay, albeit one that retains his trademark vocal gentleness.

For his latest project, Bellman collaborated with long time friend, producer Jonas Rohde-Moe.  This experimental collaboration seems to have opened up new musical avenues down which he has travelled extensively, deeply exploring the expansive world of electronica.   This proactive change in direction has given his sound added depth and texture, as well as a more vibrant, rhythmic quality.

Built around a tight fusion of lashings of synth melodies and insistent percussive beats, ‘We Are The Guns’ is well produced, atmospheric, electronic pop.  With its catchy hook, come hither vocal and barely there guitar riffs, it’s quite the musical fishing rod that will slowly reel you in!

Blurry around the edges, Nordic at heart, with a magnetic electronic pulse, ‘We Are The Guns’ is like a wintry Norwegian sleigh ride through an electronic dreamland full of soft pastel fairylights, floating snowflakes and twinkling sonic stars.  Prepare to be swept away.

‘We Are The Guns’ is available now on all digital platforms (see links below) and via No Forevers Records.  Bellman’s new album is scheduled for release in 2016, date tbc.

You can follow Bellman on Facebook and Twitter, and his official website.

‘We Are The Guns’ can be purchased here,





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