Artwork by Matt Anstee
Artwork by Matt Anstee

Brighton based solo artist, PluralBaby, dropped his debut album ‘Bird Wandering Off’ today, and what a joy it is.

Initially recorded in his mother’s attic on a dusty piano, and, on a gallivanting Akai midi keyboard flitting between Sweden and England, the initial sounds were hibernated, only popping their heads back out into the light again earlier this year.

Happily, Englishman Aaron King, the man behind the PluralBaby project, hooked up with renowned musician/ songwriter, Otti Albietz, and together they fleshed out new, more intricate arrangements along with quirky edgy mixes,  that gave the album a more cohesive, textured quality.

Described by Aaron as an “experiment in recording and writing”, ‘PluralBaby’ is indicative of an artist with an intimate and often eccentric compositional and lyrical subtlety, which he supports with thoughtful and quirky musical soundscapes.

A full review of the album is due to be published on the Subba Cultcha website shortly.

Mastered at Spectre Studio by Troy Glessner, all songs were written by Aaron and produced by Albietz.

The Pluralbaby debut album ‘Bird Wandering Off’ is available now on Bandcamp.

You can follow Pluralbaby on Facebook.



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