Still from I Had A Dream Last Night Director: Ida Nicoline Strand
Still from I Had A Dream Last Night Director: Ida Nicoline Strand

This beauty was baptised into the music-verse earlier today over at Stereogum.  Going on general release tomorrow, 2nd December, ‘I Had A Dream Last Night‘ is Norwegian Bror Forsgren’s first solo foray into the musical maelstrom of orchestral pop.

Bror, a.k.a Marcus Forsgren, has played with the likes of Lionheart Brothers and Jaga Jazzist, but this year has seen him make the leap into the solo unknown, with the recent release of his debut album, ‘Narcissus’, which has been widely well received.  Fresh from that success, Forsgren is now about to release non-album single, ‘I Had A Dream Last Night’.

This is a track that soars, with synth and strings scaling dizzy heights, criss-crossing each other mid-air like frenzied, windswept kites.  An expansive, frenetic and vibrant song, it is a joy to behold, with its golden blend of perfectly mixed orchestral and perfect pop sensibilities.

‘I Had A Dream Last Night’ is a romantic rhapsody that sees Mills and Boon meet, date and marry Gershwin in one fell swoop.  It is a classical cable car that joyfully lifts heart and soul o’er the musical mountaintops dreamily dropping them into an euphoric love-filled nirvana.

The video is a somewhat modern take on on of those 50s romantic Gene Kelly films,  with a reminiscent Forsgren first walking, then running around various locales, with unbounded enthusiasm, singing sweet declarations that are as charmingly endearing as the music is soul-stirring.

‘I Had A Dream Last Night’ is out tomorrow, more details on social links below.  The album, ‘Narcissus’ is available to buy here.

Fellow Norwegians, Gold Celeste, themselves 2015 musical headline makers, have done a remix of the track – if it’s as good as any of the songs on ‘The Glow’ it’ll be a delicious dish indeed – as have Oslo based LOVELOVELOVE.  Both remixes release in tandem with the single.

You can follow Bror Forsgren on Twitter and Facebook.


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