The Wonder of Love

Strong contenders for Norwegian band of the year, Oslo based Gold Celeste have presented the musicverse with an early Christmas gift in the form of,  non-album single, ‘The Wonder of Love’.

Neatly packaged with a refreshingly “human” shot-in-studio visual, this is one that will melt your heart, unless of course, it’s made of stone.

I could happily throw every superlative in the dictionary at this track and still not be able to describe how magical it is.

‘The Wonder of Love’, an immensely well arranged and skilfully performed track, is what might have happened back in the 60’s if Burt Bacharach had teamed up with The Doors.  Instrumentally speaking, Gold Celeste are pretty much moving into a league of their own with their consistently inspired, stylish and classy musicianship.  That is not to say that they are not lyrically strong – they are, and very smartly so, but it is in their musical performance skills that their strength lies.

Manzarek style keys and scintillating synths abound here, amidst a background of inspired percussion by Petter Haugen.  Vocalist Simon Hallset, has an enchanting softness to his vocal tone, which gives the song a dreamy, soporific quality.  In addition, Eirik Fidjelands superior mastery of restrained and intelligent guitar playing, adds depth and earthiness to the track’s loftier elements, thereby providing it with the requisite balance.

‘The Wonder of Love’ is quite like a musical rainbow bursting out through a mass of gauzy clouds, bright and vibrant but blurry around the edges; the overall effect is really quite intoxicating.  It is without doubt, the best song I’ve heard this year!

Gold Celeste, released their critically acclaimed debut album, ‘The Glow’ back in September via Riot Factory.  Since then, they have been busily touring the Euro circuit, and happily for us GC fans this side of the North Sea, will land in London next week for two gigs, details below.

‘The Wonder of Love’ is now available via iTunes, Spotify and Tidal.

Gold Celeste play the Sebright Arms, Bethal Green, Monday 7th and the Old Blue Last, Shoreditch, Weds 9th.


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