Still Benedikte Olsen
Still Benedikte Olsen

This week is certainly proving to be an interesting one, from a Norwegian perspective!

Just when the cat had settled down for a snooze in front of the fire, and the kettle had boiled for a nice cup of charlie, out bounces Bror Forsgren with his single drop, the string-licious, ‘I Had A Dream Last Night’.  Soaring higher than Santa’s sleigh up into the Norwegian skies, this is one truly beautiful arrangement of horns, strings, synths and the instrumental kitchen sink.  It comes gift-wrapped with a delightful video that sees the protagonist popping up around various neighbourhoods, serenading the skyline with declarations of love; all very 21c orchestral manoeuvres in the Oslo dark.

Twenty four hours anon, the cat is chillaxing after clawing more paper off the wall, the coffee has just been made and … poof! Out of the golden Aladdin’s lamp of celestial Oslo pops non-album single ‘overraskelse’, ‘The Wonder of Love’.  Not content with releasing one album, four singles, and touring Europe, the Gold Celeste triumvirate decided, nah, not enough, let’s gift the world another precious gem before Christmas.  And what a sparkler it is!  Their best so far, and one if not the best of 2015.

Another day another rain shower; the cat is now on high alert and in a constant state of nervous tension.  Curtains closed, glass of wine poured, all nice and cosy when whoosh!…Up pops this little glitter ball of dreamy gorgeousness. Puller of heartstrings Forsgren, melds with purveyors of aureate delights, Gold Celeste, to create the perfect orchestral-gaze remix.  Think of it as a sweet psychedelic symphony or a little classic lite meets colour-pop chill.

So, sit down, kick back, relax, and enjoy this very special opus.

Oh and that glass of wine I mentioned, raise a toast to this very special Nordic alliance for giving us what has truly been a very wonderful week of music.

PS – the cat is now on the garage roof and refusing to come down!

Bror Forsgren

‘I Had A Dream Last Night’ is out now, details on social links here – Twitter and Facebook.

The album, ‘Narcissus’ is available to buy here.

Gold Celeste

‘The Wonder of Love’ is now available via iTunes, Spotify and Tidal.

Gold Celeste play the Sebright Arms, Bethal Green, Monday 7th and the Old Blue Last, Shoreditch, Weds 9th.


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