Coldplay 0412

So today’s the big day when Coldplay drop their latest musical bomb, ‘A Head Full of Dreams’, onto the musicverse.
Already on the receiving end of a bit of a drubbing from Guardian Music, the new Coldplay opus has pretty much caused the same mixed reaction as Adele’s latest album, released just a few weeks back.
Be that as it may, there are some really interesting, “off the beaten Coldplay-track” songs going on in there, one of which is, ‘Hymn for the Weekend’, which the group recorded with the Queen Bey of funk-pop herself, Beyonce.
The track unfurls with delicate wisps of a capella Bey vocal hanging in the air,
until trademark Coldplay bass-drum beats kick off and in swoops Martin’s familiar glass half full vocal.
The song itself is about love, and the adrenalin rush and dopamine highs that cupid can bring with one shot of his arrow.  No wonder then the track is takes Martin, “higher and higher”, as the music line curls upwards with the usual CP hand clap synth, not so usual funky beats and horns, and the added featherweight punch of Beyonce’s tour-de-force vocal.
The track is expertly choreographed by Norwegian (yes they get everywhere don’t they – remember the Vikings!) super producer duo, Stargate, (Rihanna), who have cleverly allowed Martin to subtly lead the dance on this one.

Although it’s more rhumba than tango, it all nonetheless makes for a very fresh sound – catchy, attractive, well oiled, easy on the ear – one that is never going to win any groundbreaking awards mind you.

Is it #Bootylicious – um, probably not.  But what ‘Hymn for the Weekend’ is, is a very good, interestingly arranged, well crafted, well sung, well performed, RnB meets indie-pop “Beyplay” track, and you can listen to it here.

Coldplay’s new album, ‘A Head Full of Dreams’, goes on general release today – you can buy it on iTunes.


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