Bit of classic rock for you for a change!

Yes folks, today we present ‘When All Else Fails’ by Norwegian rockers, NRWY (no prizes for guessing how that is pronounced).

There’s no sparkling synths, dreamy vocals or bouncing electro-pulses. What there is lots of though, is scorching guitars, thumping drums and thrumming bass, topped off with a confident, strong vocal.

These guys allegedly sound like NIN – I couldn’t tell you – I’ve never listened to NIN in my life.  What they DO sound like to me is a cross between Manic Street Preachers on ‘Found that Soul’ and a meld of ‘old-style’ Rainbow and ‘new stylee’ Queens of the Stone Age.

NRWY is a five-piece made up of Erik Grov, Per Christian Grov, Sjur Vidar Lilleås, Jonatan Uranes and Lill Katrin Bødal.  They’ve been around for a while, developing their sound and song-writing style, and it would now appear that they have hit upon the right balance with this their latest production.

“When All Else Fails” is NRWY’s fourth single from upcoming album “Not Now”, scheduled for release in February 2016, via indie label, NO FOREVERS.  It was produced by Roar Nilsen and mixed by ‘Mr Klaxons’ Nick Terry.  What’s more interesting, is that it was mastered by Dave Collins of, cough, Queens of the Stone Age fame! Coincidence?  Hmm. The resultant sound from this new collab of metal maestros, is one with more edge, weight and definition.  #Sharp.

‘When All Else Fails’ is a very strong track, with a lot of bloody good guitar playing and a powerfully performed vocal.  It’s an old-school classic rock song with a twenty first century feel.  And folks, that can’t be a bad thing!

“When All Else Fails” will is available online from today, here.


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